Moulding Cutting Equipment

  • Attention Phaedra System UsersNOW AVAILABLE – New Replacement Phaedra Measuring Grids; both left and right hand, each scale measures to 60″ and is 6″ wide with adhesive coated peel off back, will sell either for $60 each or the pair for $110, plus shipping from Atlanta.
  • We now have a Right Hand grid measuring to 96″ available for $110 plus shipping.
  • Attention Double Miter Saw Owners – We also now have measuring grids available for Double Miter Saws or Choppers.  These are for the right hand side and are 96″ long (but can be trimmed to any length).  A much less expensive alternative if you need a replacement measuring guide.  Priced at $110 plus shipping.
Brand New Morso OEM Chopper Blades – Direct from Denmark, new chopper blades from Morso. (not after market blades) – $315 plus shipping

Frame Square Miter Saw


Saw is great for cutting wide mouldings accurately.  Priced at $1,000 plus shipping from Atlanta.

Clearmount Double Miter Saw and Measuring System


Double Makita Miter Saw Set Up with Clearmount Measuring System (Manufactured by Craft, Inc.) – This includes 2 Makita Saws, Model LS1030N with 80 tooth carbide blades.  This Clearmount Measuring System and the saws are in excellent condition.  The total length of the Measuring system is 132″ with the In-Feed arm at 40″ and the measuring Arm at 64″ with the remainder of length between the two saws.  With this system you no longer have to flip flop the saw back and forth to make your two miter cuts which adds to the accuracy of your cut.  Priced at $900 plus shipping from Atlanta.

Delta Vacuum System, Model 50-850


Delta model 50-850 Vacuum system, in good condition,  110v system with 4″ connecting hose with “Y” divider that can pull dust/sawdust from 2 different locations, cloth Micro-filter top and plastic bag lower for disposal of sawdust, priced at $300 plus shipping from Atlanta.

Used OEM Morso Blade Sets


We have several sets of used Morso OEM blades.  All have excellent life remaining with many  sharpening cycles remaining.  Priced at $225 plus shipping from Atlanta.  (We also have new OEM Morso blades available if you prefer new blades for $315/set plus shipping.) 

ITW Amp 12″ Disk Sander


(WHEN AVAILABLE) (Used) in good condition, priced at $390 plus shipping from Atlanta.

Chop Saw


Hitachi 12″ Laser Compound Saw, Digital Display, carbide tooth blade,  in excellent condition, found at Lowe’s for $350+, priced at $250 FOB Atlanta.

Sears Disk/Belt Sander


 Like new condition, on stand, priced at $150 plus shipping from Atlanta.

Brevetti Double Miter Saw


Brevetti Double Miter Saw, Model Prisma CE – In very good condition, comes with extra set of blades and Owner’s Manual, with 48″ In-feed arm and 60″ Out-feed arm, cuts moulding up to 4 3/4″ wide, priced at $3,900 plus shipping from Atlanta.

Pistorius MN300 Double Miter Saw


MN300 Pistorius Double Miter Saw – in very good condition, one owner, manufacturer date of 2007, this saw’s electrical requirements are for 3 phase power or a phase converter, it has pneumatic head drop, pneumatic hold downs, a 8 foot In-Feed Arm and a 70″ Out-Feed Arm with measurements to 48″, it has double 4″ ports in the back for a vacuum system hook-up, it is priced at $5,500 plus shipping from Atlanta.

NEW Miter Master M-100 Measuring System with New Makita LC1230 Saw


LOOK, we have a brand new Miter Master Measuring System (Model M-100) with a new Makita Saw (Model LC1230) with new 12″ metal cutting blade available for $650 plus shipping cost from Atlanta.

Electric 12″ Sander


Here is an Electric sander that can be used to “true up” the miter of poor fitting corners.  It comes with a foot control so that you hands are free to control the moulding.  You place the moulding against pre-set tabs and the moulding is pushed down against the sanding disk.  Extra disk are included.  Vacuum port on the back side of the unit.  Priced at $300 plus shipping cost from Atlanta.

NEW AMP 12″ Sander


LOOK, for a limited time we have available NEW  AMP model 12″ Disc Sanders for true corners shipped direct to you from the OEM, with regular warranty available for $610 plus shipping cost.

ITW Amp Fillet Cutter


ITW Amp Fillet Cutter in great condition, priced at $260 plus shipping from Atlanta.